One Important Factor To Make Your Website Stand Out

How Did Anderson Electric Take Its Website Beyond Function and Fashion?

Karen Carlson

When you’re embarking on a website redesign, you want your site to be modern, accessible, secure and include up-to-date information on your products and services. But what can you add to make your website better than your competitors? One factor can distinguish your company's website from your competitors: your company's values. Here's an example.

Beyond implementing an intuitive Content Management System, the team at LRS web solutions took time to listen to Anderson Electric electrical contractors and understand the company values and reflect those values in the design, navigation and content.

Anderson Electric transformed from a simple site into a customer-centric platform that provides web users easy access to the information they need. The website, while functional, it also gives insight into the values important to the Anderson Electric brand. 

Vintage photos greet visitors to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary. This gives visitors great insight into how proud the company is of its history. The message? It's a solid company with a century of experience to meet our customer's needs.

Safety is such an important value to Anderson Electric that we included it in the navigation – another indicator of the strong company philosophy that makes people feel confident in their choice for electrical contracting. 

Along with highlighting these values, we custom-designed a new, customer-centric look and feel to add consistent navigation with links to Anderson’s services. Users can easily find what the service they are looking for.

Other improvements included:

  • Photo gallery for each service
  • Simple, but effective, calls to action
  • Location information

How’d we do it? With LRS Antilles content management system, an easy-to-use web solution for business. This includes the ability to easily upload images and files.

Watch a 2-minute video to see how easy it is to upload images.

By choosing LRS Web Solutions for your website design, you’ll not only get a prompt and creative team to give you a website that is functional and fashionable – you’ll get a team that listens to you and builds a website that reflects your values and who you are – a critical component to stand out in today’s marketplace. Contact Jeff to get the conversation started.

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